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The Heart of The Movement Apothecary



Instructor of Pilates, Yoga & Dance

My name is Lacey, and I am a movement instructor out of Fort Collins, Colorado. I utilize the teachings of Pilates, Yoga, Dance and more in my sessions with clients. I grew up as a dancer and fell in love with learning how the body moves. After a spinal injury in high school, I began physical therapy and found what I was passionate about: Helping others understand and move their bodies.

I went to university and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology. I began teaching fitness classes at the university recreational center. That was where I found my love & energy for teaching. Pilates teacher training and Rock Steady Boxing Coach training only furthered my desire to learn more.

After graduating from university, I spent the next 5 years working at The Parkinson’s Exercise & Wellness Center in Kansas City. There I specialized in working with people who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I began the Moving & Shaking (dance) program, The Pilates program and the Spinal Roll & Release program at the center. All of these classes were specifically designed for those with Parkinson’s.

Pilates taught me how to put words to movement, Yoga gave me the breath work and control, and Dance gave me the flow and flexibility. My teaching style is intuitive and present. I love teaching, it is where I feel connected and powerful. I believe my classes can be beneficial for everyone and am always happy to modify for injuries. It’s important for me that everyone feels safe in my classes. 

I am a lifelong learner and am always eager to expand my repertoire. I have undergone Yoga teacher training in India, reiki training, one-on-one assisted stretching, herbalism, massage therapy and more! 



Calisthenics Instructor

My name is Taylor and I grew up involved with different contact sports such as boxing and wrestling, tumbling and gymnastics, parkour, climbing, and pretty much any activity I had an interest in understanding that made me move my body and control it more. I was a competitive boxer for 7+ years and went from assisting athletes in that field to coaching them. My love for boxing is still there, as it’s helped me achieve my coordination and control over different aspects in my movements today! 


I have always been in love with movement and unlocking a deeper potential with my vessel. I loved seeing personal growth and progress when practicing various forms of movement. Which is what guided my interest in getting certified in Yoga, and further deepened my practice in Calisthenics. I had been a practitioner of Yoga and Gymnastics for some time, and had always incorporated some form of Calisthenics into my exercises when it came to doing different activities. But studying Yoga in Rishikesh, opened my mind to the potential my body and all of our bodies have lying within them. Understanding this, I decided to go down the road of Calisthenics once more, but with more of an open mind. I developed a dream routine I wanted to achieve for myself, and have since been on that journey to obtaining it. It became a transformative way of thinking when I started getting really deep into practice, and that really carried over to different aspects in my life. Calisthenics has provided me with patience, body awareness, and tenacity. My goal is to expand your idea on what Calisthenics can be, and help you develop a dream routine of your own. 


In the middle of my journey to understanding and mastering Calisthenics, I decided to seek out another form of movement I fell in love with at a young age, and that was Gymnastics. Remembering the strain and the coordination it took for me to participate in this sport made me want to take another swing at it and see where it could go. I currently coach at Timberline Gymnastics in Fort Collins and I am implementing Calisthenics everyday. There’s only one cheat code in Gymnastics and that’s strength. This and the heavy use of Calisthenics throughout the history of the sport appealed to me and I have been learning new regressions and progressions to movements I’ve been racing towards since I’ve been involved again. Because of this, handstands are a vital part of my practice and journey, as the skill itself has many shapes Calisthenics can help achieve and strengthen. Im looking forward to bringing this knowledge and passion I have with these style of movements to the Movement Apothecary. Especially perfect handstands.


When I’m away from the studio or the gym, I take interest in reading, writing, transcendental meditation, traveling, writing music, producing music, engineering music for myself and others, and playing the piano. Outside of the movement I’ve been in love with learning more on hermeticism, the occult, metaphysics and philosophy.  In 2014 I sought out a TM certificate  that would later change my whole development and outlook on what I wanted to understand more of in life. 


I am more than excited to be around you conscious collectives at the Movement Apothecary and create synergistic relationships with all who come in! 


Yoga Instructor

Hi there! My name’s Alisha Johnson and I am a Certified Yoga Teacher through Root to Rise since July of 2018 and Certified Breathwork Facilitator since June of 2020. I was born and raised in Northern California surrounded by redwoods and the beautiful Pacific coast and moved to Fort Collins in 2013 to complete my Bachelors in Sociology and Human Development and Family Studies at CSU. I currently work as a mental health therapist with Kindred Counseling.


The purpose of yoga to me is to leave the ego and transcend into a state of curiosity and exploration through incorporating the breath with movement. My passion is helping guide others towards a healthy and holistic lifestyle through the breath and functional movement. I look forward to having you in my Tuesday 2:30pm Yin Yang Fusion class to move through a vinyasa and slow flow style practice.



Movement Artist & Yoga Instructor

Fiona is a Colorado local with a passion for the arts and creating community. She identifies as a movement artist and yoga instructor. She grew up dancing at Studio West Dance Center here in Fort Collins, and after taking a step back from the competitive dance world, found her passion reignited with the exploration of various movement styles. Along with dance, Fiona has studied movement styles including Nia, freestyle forms such as breaking and has completed 200 hour yoga teacher training. Among the many styles of dance she has trained in, Fio feels most passionate about contemporary, industry hip hop and freestyle.

Fiona, or Fio, is all about authenticity and cultivating an environment to foster self-love and expression. She strives to inspire movement that fuels confidence, health and feels true to you!



Kundalini Dance Instructor

(Pronounced Know-Sis) aka Lightworker "G" grew up in an alternative way of life, living in big cities of the world, utilizing holistic and meditative practices and the ways of some the last living warriors of peace on earth. The account of her experiences and expertise of health and healing combined with learned earth magic allow for facilitation of ritual movement to be full circle to the place of here + the time of now. 
Gnosis has over 1000 hours of training in various modalities of movement and movement therapy and loves to focus on helping people release trauma from the body. Fear, pain, and trauma are built up in the fascial system and can be released through specific types of functional movement that can be trained and tailored for ANY BODY. Gnosis is happy to co-create with Movement Apothecary and is also an aerial yoga teacher at Live Beyond Limit.


Zumba Instructor

Hello! I'm Jose Gonzalez, and I’m from Tucson, Arizona but currently I live in Fort Collins, CO. I love piña coladas and getting caught in the rain 🤣 I've been a Zumba instructor since July 2018 and I absolutely love teaching Zumba classes. The reason is simple: Every class feels like a party! I guarantee you will have a blast! For me, Zumba is not about doing perfect dance choreography. It is more of a feeling, an expression and being yourself in class. It is always happy hour in my Zumba classes! So forget the steps and have an amazing time with me in Zumba.



Sound Healing & Meditation Instructor

Joe Ritter is a Chopra Certified Meditation and Ayurvedic Health Instructor, and a graduate of Emily Fletcher’s ZIVA. He has also studied Vipassana meditation through the lineage of S.N. Goenka. Originally from Michigan, he now lives and teaches in Colorado. He is a plant medicine advocate who loves playing drums, seeing live music, and exploring nature in the mountains. His passions also include Kaizen, yoga, and psychedelic healing. In September of 2020, the benefits of his daily practice led him to leave his executive chef career to become a meditation teacher. He created Rhythmic Alchemy shortly thereafter as a platform to raise the awareness of his community and share his gifts as an educator. Joe practices the style he teaches every day. 



Somatic Practioner, Yoga & Pilates Instructor

Jennifer Carmack, E-RYT 500, has been teaching Hatha Yoga since 2008. She was certified by the Shambhava School of Yoga (associated with Shoshoni Ashram Nederland, CO)  for her 200 hour YTT and Advanced YTT with alignment based teacher, Christina Sell.  Her continuing education over the years in hands on Yoga adjustments, Thai yoga therapy, Ayurveda, Restorative Yoga, Breathwork, Bhakti, Meditation and Somatic Experiencing integrates in all of her teaching.

For Jennifer, teaching yoga creates a space, a moment in time where we get to just be, right where we are, in our own bodies, our experiences, our perspectives, our thoughts, all the parts of us. There is this limitless space when the group aligns in this energy and there we all are, together, in ALL that is. Transcendence of the ways we are perceived, an abandonment of our judgements, in commonUnity .  Moving in this way reminds us of the practice that we get to bring into our lives, our relationships and all we are creating.



Yoga Instructor

Felicia Carrozza is a believer of holistic health and has been practicing yoga for 12 years. Now, teaching as about 7 years, she finds value in growing that same mind and body connection and is eager to share it with her community. Graduating CSU with a degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition, Felicia looks forward to blending all aspects of knowledge together to lead others through a safe and spiritual practice.


Dance Instructor

Sydney grew up here in Fort Collins, and has been dancing since childhood. She has trained in multiple styles such as ballet, hip-hop, and jazz, but her most-loved style is contemporary. She took a brief step back from dance as a teenager, but has returned to dancing as an adult with the goal of encouraging other dancers to learn to appreciate their own unique talents. She hopes to create a class environment which instills a sense of self-compassion, creativity, and non-judgement in her students. She strives to teach key fundamentals and principles of contemporary dance while making maintaining a fun and healthy environment the main priority. 



Zumba Instructor

Hey there! My name is Rachel and my absolute favorite thing to do in the world is dance! I have been dancing since I could walk and have tested out many different styles of dance throughout my life. I then traded in my dancing shoes for ice skates and was an internationally competitive figure skater until I went to college. I grew up in Michigan but have spent the last decade of my life living and teaching at American international schools in the Middle East. I lived in Kuwait for 5 years and Jordan for 5 years. Both of my children were born overseas and I will always feel a deep connection to Middle Eastern culture. 


Not a gym rat, I struggled to find forms of exercise that made me feel good and also fueled my soul. And then I was introduced to Zumba. No matter how I am feeling or what is happening in my life, when I leave a Zumba class- it feels like my entire world has been rejuvenated. I have been teaching Zumba since 2019 both in Jordan and in the US. My classes are all about breaking a sweat, having fun, and filling your heart. Because I have lived and traveled to over 30 countries, you will find that my classes are not your typical Zumba class. While you will find pockets of classic Latin moves and songs, you will also move your body to beats from Korea, India, Lebanon, and some hip hop/pop hits from the USA. 


My biggest mantra when it comes to doing Zumba- make it your own! If I am doing a move that you love- GREAT! Do it with me! But if there is something that doesn’t feel good to your body, then make it your own. My ultimate goal is that you leave my class feeling energized and fulfilled, both physically and emotionally. 


Yallah! Come dance with me!



Pilates & Barre Instructor

PMA certified Pilates instructor, Casandra is excited to bring her 18 years of Pilates experience to Fort Collins. She is trained in classical Joseph Pilates & Romana styles, Club Pilates certified (includes TRX, myofascial release, and barre). She studied performance art at UC Irvine with a degree in International Business, and is a yoga therapist as well. She focuses on core Pilates principles when instructing, and specializes routines for integrative health. She likes to know your fitness goals to cater the program to you and provide a great workout! 

Her passion for Pilates emerged after a back injury from collegiate rowing, "My coach & sports med team immediately got me on a Pilates schedule." She has thrived on Pilates ever since, which has enabled her to strengthen her athletic performance, reverse daily postural issues, and live a pain free life.



Yoga Instructor

I am Madison Frers, and I love movement as an outlet for creative expression and connection to oneself. The practice of yoga has allowed me to develop and deepen into this love of movement, particularly through vinyasa flow. While I was initially drawn to yoga because of the asanas (postures) and dynamic movements, I became fully immersed in all of the teachings and spiritual aspects of this ancient wisdom. The various asanas open energetic channels in the body and with mindful practice and awareness, the body communicates how it needs prana to be directed each time you step on your mat. My vinyasa practice has taught me to play with discipline, resistance, and control while tuning into all the wisdom inside myself. This is what led my to the teaching path- my soul wants me to help others connect to this same inner wisdom and be immersed in the present moment.

I answered this soul calling by traveling to Rishikesh, India in September this year where I received my 200 hour YTT.I returned full of inspiration and motivation to share this beautiful and spiritual way of being with the world around me. My classes incorporate teachings from all 8 limbs of yoga science and will include asana, pranayama (breathwork), and dyana (meditation) to help students on their path toward connecting with the Divinity that exists within them. Each being on this Earth was born full of Divine, radiant light (jyoti), yet we become so separated from this true nature throughout the courses of our lives. I believe through a loving and committed approach, everyone can utilize yoga to reach a more harmonious and unified state of existence.



Ballet & Dance Instructor

"Hello! My name is Janessa Cole. I am happy to be teaching ballet at The Movement Apothecary. I have been trained in dance for over 20 years. In college I trained with two principal ballet dancers from the Orlando Ballet Company who before that were trained at the Kirov in Russia. My experience teaching includes leading a dance program for a non-profit academy for the arts in my hometown in Idaho. I lead creative movement classes that allowed people with disabilities to explore the beautiful discipline of dance in an expansive way. I also spent several years as a competitive dance coach for high school and middle school aged dance teams in Utah teaching and preparing routines to showcase at competitions across the state. 

I currently work as a mental health therapist and owner of a wellness center in town. My goal in coming back to teaching dance is to share my love for ballet with anyone who wants to experience its beauty. Whether you were young and had always wished to take ballet lessons, or you took so many dance lessons that you burnt out and want to dance without the commitment and perfectionism that you used to, this class is for you. I hope to infuse principles of moving meditation with ballet technique to create a class that you’ll look forward to each week. See you at the Barre!"

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