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June 8th 7-8:30pm

Hip Hop dance is an expression of oneself in a BIG way! We're going to move our bodies to the music and let it all go! This class will be fun, sweaty and an all around good time. Come in with an open mind and you'll be sure to leave class smiling. Open to all dance levels (really ALL). Lacey used to teach this class back in college, and wants to bring it into the studio once a month for all to enjoy!


June 3rd from 6-8pm

Join The Movement Apothecary for a unique Self-Love Ritual Experience: 

Sacred Naked is a sacred practice because it allows your experience to be without barriers and within your practice. We keep it sacred by offering Sacred Naked to specific groups of people, allowing for the bodies that share this experience to feel comfortable and secure within the space provided, so if you don't see Sacred Naked offered to those you identify as, please ask us. All Sacred Naked events are led to be a very meditative practice that is shared with the intention to create more body awareness, gratitude, and grace for your own sacred naked body. Sacred Naked participants can expect to feel more in touch with their bodies and more connected to the healing elements available to them in this space. 

You have the option to fully undress or dress down to your level of comfort. It is recommended to wear an oversized shirt for this practice if you feel body-shy, but any layers are welcome. Most of the practice will be guided with closed eyes and there will never be any comments that lead to judgment or shame of any kind. All bodies are welcome and as long as you identify as the group we offer the practice to, you are welcome to join us for this monthly experience.


June 4th from 7:30-8:45pm

This 75 min flow will guide you through a gentle awakening of mind, body and spirit. This uniquely curated hour will serve as a place for your mind to rest, while your body moves to release stored/stagnant emotion and energy. By incorporating elements of yoga, Nia, breathwork and contemporary dance, this class will enliven your senses, unite you with community, inspire mindfulness and shower your body with gratitude. Imagine a soulful, slow paced Zumba class! We will close out this special container with a short crystal bowl sound bath/guided meditation. Bring your bare feet, open hearts and comfiest athletic attire.
A basic understanding of traditional vinyasa yoga poses is recommended :)


June 11th from 7:30-8:30pm

All are welcome for this extremely relaxing 60-minute workshop, featuring quartz singing bowls that work with the frequencies of the chakra system to restore harmony in the bodymind. Join certified meditation teacher Joe Ritter for this sonic journey that will include instruction in pranayama, meditation, and manifestation techniques. There is no experience necessary. 

This class will include a self-guided period with only the sound of the bowls resonating in the space. At this point, participants are invited to gently engage with a basic meditation technique, or they may simply rest and allow the vibration of the bowls to soothe the body. Either way, this workshop will offer a beautiful opportunity to slow down, reset, and experience the wonder of sound used intentionally as medicine. Please bring your favorite meditation cushion, blanket, or whatever other props will help you to feel as comfortable as possible! 


June 15th from 7:30-9pm

Join us for Buti GLOW with Chelsea Gressman!
Buti Yoga is an intense exercise regimen that blends Power Yoga, Tribal Movement, Conditioning and Abdominal Toning. Buti Yoga combines Classic Postures and Asanas with Tribal-Like dance moves and Plyometric training. It’s an energetic space with fast movements and loud music – far from the regular yoga class. With this class in particular, we’re kicking it up a notch with black lights and black light paint, which will be provided before the start of class. Buti Yoga is a coed experience.

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